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The historic Rogstad farm located near Cranfills Gap was founded in the late 1850s by one of eight Norwegian families that had immigrated to the Norse Valley.

The farm, acquired by Hank and Annie Dawson, still reflects many of the pioneer’s improvements which includes the stone wall remains and cedar rafters of the pioneer’s first cabin. Circuit riders (horse mounted pastors) visited early Texas by bringing the gospel, performing baptisms, and blessings to these hardy families. On a weathered cedar header, above the cabin’s entry, exists evidence of just such a visit from days long past. Securely fastened to the weathered header, by a rusting square head nail, hangs a small simply formed iron angel. A weary traveler, in the remote Texas frontier, would have recognized this angel as an indication of a Christian homestead having been blessed and protected by the hand of God.

Dawson Farms feels privileged to associate a representative image of this blessing with our product.


“Quaint and peaceful. A place to go to relax and unwind.”

“Beautiful views up on the top.”

“The smell of the lavender is incredible! I cannot wait to get a bottle of the fresh honey.”

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